Sponsored Player Tryouts

Date : 

Date to be announced

Starts at 9 am and ends at 3 pm

Be prepared to sling BB's all day.

$20.00 entry fee.

A)     The Player must meet 1 of the 2 following social media minimum requirements:

 ( Instagram: 500 followers, YouTube: 500 subscribers).

B) The player must promote and mention Wasteland OPS / Graywolf at least once a week on social media.

C) The player must provide pictures/videos/social media posts/etc. of the player utilizing the Wasteland OPS / Graywolf Promotional Package.

D) The player must attend fields 12 times a year to sling BB's and at minimum once a year volunteer with wasteland OPS and Graywolf for a day.

E). The player must wear a minimum of two Wasteland patches and one Graywolf Patch in players' kit/gear at all Airsoft fields and Airsoft events.

F. The player must add "Proudly Sponsored by Wasteland OPS  www.wastelandopd.com & Graywolf

wwwgraywolftc.com” on all social media biographies & add "Sponsored by Wasteland OPS & Graywolf   www.wastelandopd.com wwwgraywolftc.com" with our logo on his or her Facebook cover photo. 

G. The player must always speak well of Wasteland OPS & Graywolf on and off the field (no slander EVER!)

H. The player must have great sportsmanship, attitude, behavior, and act as company representatives by promoting Wasteland OPS & Graywolf at all times. Remember, you are representing Wasteland OPS & Graywolf in all places at all times. #NoDrama

I. The player must use these hashtags in all social media posts: #Wastelandops#Graywolf# #wastelandopsairsoft #wastelandops sponsored#wastelandopsfamily#Graywolfairsoftstore#wastelandopsfield#graywolfsponsored

J. The player must Live, Breathe, and Love Wastelandops & Graywolf

Sponsored player

Being sponsored by Wasteland OPS / Graywolf has many benefits, including free Wasteland OPS and Graywolf merchandise, guns at cost , Free Play at Wasteland field, event opportunities, FREE BBs, and more! All inquiries will be reviewed at a tryout event held at Wasteland OPS. 


WasteLand OPS / Graywolf reviews all new sponsorship contract inquiries every 12 months. If you miss the application deadline, you will need to wait for the next application review time. For sponsorship renewals, WasteLand OPS / Gray Wolf sponsored players have to tryout each year. If you miss the tryout day, you will have to wait until the next year’s application review date to renew your contract and your team will lose all tenure.


  • ·         UNLIMITED Field  entry pass to Wasteland OPS – come as many times during the year as you like.

  • ·         One big milsim event fee covered and two other field plays covered .

  • ·          Discount on all merchandise at Graywolf pro shop, even on custom orders.

  • ·         Free Tee Shirt 

  • ·         Free Banners

  • ·         Free Patches

  • ·         A photo post on Wastwland OPS and Graywolf website to promote the player.

If you are not ready to be sponsored yet, you still can come to the event and participate in the challenges and game play.